Weekend Details and Rules

Weekend Tournament Details

  1. Tournaments run from 7am-3pm.
  2. You may sign-up for tournament between 6:00am-6:45am
  3. Entry fee is $60 per boat (fish alone or with a partner).
  4. 85% Payback (Payback 3 places).
  5. $5.00 goes into Lunker pay out.
  6. 100% payback for lunker (must be alive).
  7. If there is a tie between 1st place, money will be divided equally between 1st and 2nd place together.  Tie for 2nd place will be divided equally between 2nd and 3rd place together.
  1. 5 fish limit per boat (legal size)
  2. There will be a 1lb. deduction for each dead bass.
  3. No culling of dead fish.
  4. No culling of fish at weigh scales.
  5. Artificial lures only-NO LIVE BAIT
  6. Weigh-in takes place at launch.
  7. Weigh in will take place around 3:15 or when scale is ready. 
  8. Weighing in under legal size fish you will be DISQUALIFIED. 
  9. REQUIRED-Live well will be checked.
  10. Every contestant is responsible for his/her own insurance coverage.
  11. Use cell phone time for official time
  12. Good Luck and Happy Fishing!!!

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